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Meet our collaborators and core team!


Divided Culture Co. combines a network of artists across the North and the Midlands to create work based around lived experiences and northern narratives. We're expressionist, surreal and contemporary practitioners. The work we make is - different - you certainly won't see our outputs at traditional theatres.

We're dedicated to showcasing fresh, new talent. Providing opportunities for development and growth, bringing new narratives to the forefront of theatre and tackling society, form and politics head on. 

We're shifting the focus on regional theatre, removing the need to live in London for opportunities in the industry - usually coming at a cost of financial security. Prioritising new, Northern stories told by local creatives. We're small but mighty and are focused on addressing the imbalance in the British arts industry.

With short-film, theatre and tv all in our focus - we've got loads of exciting plans and can't wait to bring new creativity to the communities and places that we live and love.


Divided Culture Co. is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our business activities. As a relatively young company, we are currently committed to working on a project by project basis alongside our collaborators, to learn how best we can minimise and reduce our impact. We've made our Green Policy accessible for everyone in an effort to maintain transparency and to remain focused on our commitments to the environment.

Green Policy .pdf

Green Policy Large Font .pdf


As early-career artists, we are only at the beginning of our journey of delivering high quality projects to our audiences. We also understand that the end product - a theatre show or film - is only a small part of any project. There are optimum opportunities to ensure we’re delivering projects that are purpose-built, accessible, serve the people we want to reach and contribute to meaningful discussions on the thematic issues we explore.


An essential way we will work towards delivering excellence is collaboration. To ensure that our ambition and ideas are packaged and directed in the most effective way, we will work with relevant artistic and community-based partners such as charities, councils, and CICs to learn how they shape projects and have a stronger understanding of the communities we want to reach. These partnerships will change from project to project, allowing us to lean on the knowledge and experience of  relevant established artists and community leaders.


Beyond our partners, our freelancers and audiences play a very important role in our journey. Continuous improvement for us is listening to you, sharing findings from our projects and inviting you to tell us how we can improve. As an organisation that works predominantly with freelancers, our artists have unique experiences and valuable insights that we can channel in our practices. We also want to deliver the best possible product for our audiences, and doing this would be impossible without listening to your initial reactions, thoughts and criticisms.  We will use your feedback to not only build a narrative around our journey, but as valuable data that we can analyse and report on. Meaning that best practices and future projects are founded on feeling and driven by data.


We will not always get things right, which is both terrifying and exciting. We are not afraid of failure, but hope that by embarking on a continuous process of reflection, sharing and listening, our failures will be less impactful and eclipsed by our successes. We look forward to working with and serving you as best we can.

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