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New Theatre, Made by you, Told by you

Project focuses:


Finding under-represented talent and new audiences


Partnering with new, local charities and organisations


Project development and creation with industry professionals


Professional, fully-realised theatre performances

Founded to remove barriers to quality arts development and creation, we're turning networking on it's head. Marginalised artists can't afford to spend time networking, raising funds, learning or developing their talent when they're having to prioritise paying bills, have caring responsibilities or are trying to escape a dependency culture.

We're taking the art to artists, in communities that are being stripped of their theatres, community centres, groups and activities. We're working-class artists, taking a stand and turning tradition on it's head by supporting other talented individuals, with a desire to create but are unable to get into the industry - not for lack of trying - because you're trying.

We see you. We're here. 

It's time to change the system.


This project is new for 2024 and is still subject to funding, for mid-year delivery.

Interested in us visiting your community? Let us know!

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