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This is Divided Culture Co.


We've worked on a variety of projects over the years as individuals and have loads of new ones planned for the future as a collective. We're proud of every single one and can't wait to share more of our journey, as artists and as a company, with you.

Marching On Together (2023)

Isaac’s grandad, Graham, is slipping away from reality. Their shared love for Leeds United seems to be the only thing holding their relationship together. Bu their great love is also at the core of a devastating family secret. One that Graham can’t remember. Or can he?

Marching on Together was made in partnership with To The Ocean.

Written by: Dan Lovatt and Joe Facer 
Directed by: Dan Lovatt and Adam Sandy | Starring: Pete Foster and Joe Facer | DOP: Adam Sandy  | Light & sound: Ant Aitman  | Composer: Liam Rollinson 


Produced by: Divided Culture Co. and To The Ocean